In addition to marketing the products of our own cherry orchards located in Denizli and Edirne, we also trade early, mid and late season cherries from cherry regions such as Sancak Bozkoy, Salihli, Allahdiyen, Alasehir, Demirci, Sindirgi, Gordes, Borez, etc. districts within Manisa through our office located in Koprubasi, Manisa.
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Our pomegranates are grown at our 250 decare orchard established in Koprubasi, Manisa in 2006. There are approximately 15.000 pomegranate trees which are being packaged and kept in our cold storage to be shipped to national and foreign markets.
The main type we cultivate is “Hicaz” pomegranate. Besides Hicaz we cultivate “Wonderful” and some sweet varieties. Our standard export cases are 30x50 cm. They are packed as 12, 9 and king size per 6.
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We grow thin-shelled Satsuma-type mandarins in Gumuldur, Izmir where the highest quality mandarins in Turkey are grown.
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Food Products

Our products which we produce from the fruits of our own gardens are as follows:

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Concentrate

Jam: Mandarin Jam, Pomegranate Jam, Citrus Jam, Apricot Jam, Peach Jam, Quince Jam, Strawberry Jam.


Grape molasses


  • Certificated Ziraat 0-900 saplings grafted to semi-dwarf rootstocks and their pollinators for cherry planting for winter season are ready in our stocks.
  • If you order now, we will be able to provide the desired rootstocks and the cherry varieties for the upcoming season.
  • We establish turnkey cherry and pomegranate orchards.
  • As of 24.08.2011 our firm started serving PHLC dwarft cherry rootstocks as the first and only licensed producer in Turkey.


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