About Us

Meyfid was established by Metin Zadil in 2009 in Koprubasi, Manisa. As Meyfid and Zadil family, we have been investing in agriculture over approximately 1000 decare of land since 1978. Our main focus is primarily the production and trading of cherry saplings, fruit saplings and fruits.

Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is a vegetative multiplication technique and actualized in sterilized conditions under laboratory environment. In our age, it is the choice of modern fruit growing. High quality, virusfree, trusted and qualified saplings are being produced with this method. Our sapling production is being done in tissue culture laboratories at our facilities.

Breeding works

Our breeding studies are done in our research laboratories, environment-controlled greenhouses and trial orchard. We continue research partnerships with domestic and foreign cooperations.

Our Science Board
Ph.D. Cemal ILGIN, Meyfid Fruit Breeder
Ph.D. Erol YALCINKAYA, Yalova Garden cultures Research Institute retired Consultant
Prof. Bojan POPOVSKI, Cyril and Methodis University, Skopje/Macedonia
Ph.D. Melpomena POPOVSKA, Institute of Agriculture Macedonia Department for Fruit Growing.

Our Certificates

Besides being a “Authorized Arboriculture Nursery” in the fruit growing branch by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Meyfid is also a certified “micro propagation tissue culture company”.

Our Orchards

Cherry: Bekilli/Denizli
Kırcasalih - Edirne
Pomegranate: Köprübaşı - Manisa
Mandarin: Gümüldür - İzmir

Our Purpose

make a contribution to the improvement of fruit growing,
develop cherry fruit growing with scientific research,
produce certified, high quality saplings with controlled tissue culture under laboratory environment in our own facilities,
provide the establishment of modern and productive fruit gardens in Turkey, and to produce healthy, environmentally friendly and tasty products with good agricultural practices (GAP).


  • Certificated Ziraat 0-900 saplings grafted to semi-dwarf rootstocks and their pollinators for cherry planting for winter season are ready in our stocks.
  • If you order now, we will be able to provide the desired rootstocks and the cherry varieties for the upcoming season.
  • We establish turnkey cherry and pomegranate orchards.
  • As of 24.08.2011 our firm started serving PHLC dwarft cherry rootstocks as the first and only licensed producer in Turkey.


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